Musical Theater

Musical Theatre is, pretty much, just what it says. Music in the theatre. There are musical theatre reviews, but for the most part, it’s a story that combines music, singing and dancing to further the plot. So there’s never dancing just to watch people dance, or singing to hear a pretty voice. It all has meaning. That’s where the acting comes in.

Musical theatre can involve any form of dance. There are Broadway shows that include ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, acro, hip-hop, and street dance. You name it. The music ranges from barbershop quartet to country to modern rock. Acting motivations can be happy, sad, angry, love…

Broadway choreographers have their own special style which makes this form of dance very different from what students might be used to. The instructor will stress the importance of emulating the choreographer’s vision.

In class, we will talk about what musical theatre is, the show we’re working on and the we will explore why we’re dancing, singing, and acting. The styles will vary throughout the year and, as much as possible, we will do original choreography/staging. We will learn numbers from a different show every week or two, depending on their difficulty.