“We love this studio! My daughter has been going here for a year, since she was 3. The instructors she has had have been wonderful, my daughter looks forward to every class every single week! We'll be going here for a long time, that's for sure! :)”
Marie Palen
“Everyone both staff and students are lovely here! I’ve been here for little over a year now and the only thing I regret is not coming here sooner. Everyday is a new learning experience that is fun and interesting. It was really easy to be friends with everyone and I look forward to take classes here for as long as I can!”
Kat L
“Ballet Elite is an exceptional dance studio. My daughter has taken lesson, classes and competed with the studio for years and loves the instructors, especially the owner Natalie Brum Fraizer. Ballet Elite is not only the best dance studio but it has been an incredible experience and more like a family to us. I highly recommend this studio!”
Joanie Courtney
“Ballet Elite has been home to my family and I for over a decade and we wouldn’t have it any other way! The dance training is impeccable and the love the teachers have for the students is second to none. It truly is a little dance family!”
Melissa Kriebel
“Both of my girls attend this amazing dance school. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The range of classes, the professionalism, the dedication to the true art form of every form of dance is exquisite. Every single staff member is so loving and thoughtful of every child. This IS your best choice!”
Lisa Castineira-List
“This is my daughters third year at Ballet Elite. She has received top notch dance training here. Aside from spectacular training, this dance studio has been a literal saving grace for her in every way. Socially, emotionally, and artistically. Everyone who is involved in the studio, from the owner, teachers, staff, parents and students are all wonderful, genuine people who really care about your children. Dance is my daughters passion. I don’t know that she would have found that if we didn’t find Ballet Elite.”
Jodi Caldarazzo
“This studio has become family in the past 4 years: Ballet Elite embodies professionalism, with a clear focus on developing the student while fostering a sense of community among the dancers. We will be forever grateful for their strict policies that protected our children since the beginning of the pandemic while allowing them to continue to dance. Grateful for my daughter to be part of this wonderful family!”
Dr. Michaela Moura-Kocoglu
“Ballet Elite Dance Studio has become a second home for my two girls. Here you find not only a place where you receive high quality dance training by caring and professional instructors, but also a studio where each staff member takes the time to make your child feel comfortable and at home. You also find the older students are kind and supportive of the younger students which further creates more of a dance family feel. Our family highly recommends this dance studio!”
Desiree Montfort