Dana Williams

Ballet Artistic Director; Ballet Instructor

Dana’s earliest studies of Classical Ballet were at the Irene Folkine School of Classical Ballet and the Magda Auñon School of Classical Ballet.  She trained in 1982 and 1983 at the Houston Ballet Summer Intensive and the Washington Ballet in 1985. She has also received scholarships and acceptances to the following: The San Francisco Ballet, The Boston Ballet, The Pittsburgh Ballet, The Milwaukee Ballet, The Pennsylvania Ballet, and The Miami City Ballet School’s Summer Dance Intensive under the direction of Edward Villella. Dana co-directed The Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique alongside Magda Aunon for over a decade.  She started dance programs at prestigious schools such as The University School of Nova, Summit Private Montessori Schools, Ft. Lauderdale Christian School, and Abundant Life Christian Academy. She taught Ballet for one year at Calvary Christian Academy in 2003. Dana founded Ballet Elite in 2001 and sold it to Ms. Natalie Brum-Frazier in 2019. She is presently Artistic Director of the Nutcracker and instructs our intermediate and advanced ballet students at Ballet Elite. She is loved and respected by all of her students and staff.