Natalie Brum-Frazier

Owner/Artistic Director; Contemporary

Natalie has been an instructor and choreographer for the past 15 years in South Florida. She trained and performed as a Ballet dancer under the instruction of Dana Williams at Ballet Elite Dance Studio in Margate, FL from 1998-2006. During that time she also studied Lyrical, Contemporary, and Modern. She later began her Hip-Hop training in Miami in 2007 and performed with the crew “Epidemik.” Natalie joined the “World Models” agency where she auditioned as a commercial dancer from 2010-2012, while also attending Florida Atlantic University. Her passion for teaching soon exceeded her desire to become a professional working dancer. Over the last 15 years, Natalie’s focus has been growing Ballet Elite Dance Studio to be a diverse and well rounded training facility for dancers novice to pre-professional. Natalie became owner of Ballet Elite Dance Studio in 2019 and has shifted her role but remains a contemporary instructor at the studio as well as a competition coach and Artistic Director. She pushes her dancers to think differently, dance differently, and form their own personal stories throughout her classes. Natalie’s classes incorporate self-exploration and artistry through improv at a young age. Her students develop the tools to communicate freely through dance and, in turn, build their own unique language. Her dancers have entered many improv competitions where they have received first place and several scholarships to further their training and education. Natalie is also a contemporary coach to some of the Elite soloists at the studio. Her choreography has won top placements at several highly competitive venues such Youth America Grand Prix and Universal Ballet Competition where her dancers have received first place as well as the Miami International Ballet Competition where her choreography was chosen to perform at the closing gala of Canaan Dance International in Hong Kong. Natalie owes her tremendous love of teaching to her students, who inspire her, drive her, and define her as an instructor and a director.